School Term for ages 10 – 17 yrs

Purchase a 1, 4 or 8 Visit pass to use at your leisure

If you have a busy schedule and can’t commit to the full 8 weeks, this is the best option for you.  With just a phone call to us, you can either lock in all your sessions or just take it week by week.

Our Kids Ocean SMART Program is an evolution of our vision to create life long surfers in all kids in the area. Through an interactive, fun, and safe program structure kids of all ages and levels of ability can learn all aspects of becoming a confident surfer and water person. All kids will gain the knowledge to be able to make the correct decisions on a daily basis when going to the beach including rip identification, understanding sandbanks, ocean awareness, board knowledge, safe board handling skills and also board rescue techniques. We also introduce all kids to surf etiquette so they can confidently enjoy their surfing experience in the future as the venture out the back on their own.

The Kids Ocean SMART Program is an 8 week program with each weekly lesson being a duration of 1.5hrs. Each session is broken into 3 components, Beach warm-up and activities, Surfing and Ocean Knowledge session and finally debrief and quiz on important focal points of the lesson.

Lesson Times

 Thirroul Beach

  • Monday 17th October (first Week) – Monday 5th December (last week)
  • Wednesday 19th October (first week) – Wednesday 7th December (last week)
  • Friday 21st October (first week) – Friday 9th December (last week)

Corrimal Beach

  • Tuesday 18th October (first week) – Tuesday 6th December (last week)
  • Thursday 20th October (first week) – Thursday 8th December (last week)


We will provide you with the following when you arrive for your lesson:

  • Safe, stable soft top Surfboard
  • Warm Steamer Wetsuit
  • Rash Shirt
  • Sunscreen
  • Professional Instruction from our experienced local surf coaches


  • Privatized Tuition
  • 1 : 6 Coach to Surfer Ratio
  • Taught by friendly, qualified and experienced hand-picked local surf coaches
  • Covers all the basics: from warm-up, to paddling, to catching waves and standing
  • Includes important surf and safety rules
  • Relaxed, supportive vibe
  • Professional and well organised
  • Massive fun!


What to Bring
You don’t really need to bring much to your surf lesson, but try to remember the following items:

  • Swimwear
  • Towel
  • Sunscreen
  • Drinking water
  • Your booking voucher (printed or on your phone)
  • A HUGE smile!!….

Where to meet us

Where to meet us

My 10 year old daughter has been learning to surf through these guys and she's had an absolute ball. They make it fun and enjoyable for the kids but teach them also beach safety etc. My daughter looks forward to summer approaching so she can head back!

Nean 0037

Wollongong, Australia

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